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Spring Reset: The Power of Beginning Again

Insiders, we are entering into spring this week, and the change in seasons often prompts us to start making changes in our lives. Now is a time to consider resetting and bringing fresh energy into different aspects of your life. However, despite the exhilarating feeling that new beginnings bring, they can also feel like a lot of pressure. Your mindset is a key contributor to how you handle change, and the following tips can help you stay grounded as you usher into new seasons of life: 

Readjust your relationship with failure

Failure is really just a chance to redefine what the path to success could look like. It’s an opportunity to think bigger than your first attempt, so do not become defined by it. By treating failure as a platform rather than a road block, trial and error becomes an empowering process, and you become more resilient as a result. 

Practice mindfulness

Mindfulness meditation is a research-proven method to manage stress and improve your attention, and in many guided mindfulness practices one might often hear the phrase: “Simply begin again.” This serves as a reminder that even when your mind wanders and you get pulled into your emotions, you can always bring yourself back to the current moment. You have the ability to refocus your energy into what is within your control– even if it is just your breath. 

Allow yourself to be a beginner

Give yourself the room to grow into new possibilities. Humility allows you to acknowledge that there is always space for growth and that mistakes are a part of the journey. Once you embrace that, you grant yourself permission to be led by your curiosity. Without the right approach, you may want to quit before you truly have the opportunity to realize your potential, but if you simply let go of the idea of perfection, new beginnings are a playground for internal and external exploration.  

Learn to become comfortable with uncertainty

A lot of times, taking on a new venture feels like jumping into the unknown. You might be starting something that you have little to no knowledge about, and it may be unclear what the future may look like. The reality is that we never truly know what lies ahead, and we can only be certain about how we choose to handle the situation. Managing ambiguity takes practice, but you can equip yourself with the mental tools you need to navigate such situations by building your self-awareness. Journaling is an effective way to do this!

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