About Us

It all began with our founder, Nya Jones, who was on her own personal journey for self-discovery and improvement.Through her experience reading and journaling, she realized how often we just act aimlessly instead of focusing on our purpose. She wanted to encourage others who were similarly working on becoming the best version of themselves, to have a simple, easy way to make reflection and self-improvement a part of their daily lives. Inside Then Out was then founded in 2020 as a brand that helps you prioritize what’s inside. We hope that Inside Then Out can help empower you to take the time to reflect and realign yourself with your goals, positive habits, and effective mindsets that will enable you to become the person you want to be.

Our Philosophy

Many of us may believe that life is happening to us, but it’s quite the contrary. Every day we create our lives and our daily thoughts and actions accumulate to design who we become. It can be easy to get consumed by the busyness of our day to day routines, but taking the time to reflect is a key part of personal growth.  Inside Then Out wants to help you on your self-development journey and give you practical tools to make growth a part of your daily routine. The name "Inside Then Out" represents prioritizing what's inside first. So often, we become overly concerned with the output. We are focused on what we look like on the outside, how much money it looks like we have, or how successful it looks like we are. When we get consumed by that, we forget to take time to focus on our being: who we are as a person, what our values are, and how we can be better in our daily lives. We strongly believe that the external things that you want in life can only grow to the extent that you do. So, when you take time to prioritize what's inside, it only leads to abundance on the outside.

Products that actually work

The design and content of the journal was created to be convenient, simple, and impactful.  Journaling has been a proven way to reduce stress, organize thoughts and become more self-aware. Although many people may know the benefits of journaling, it can be difficult to stay consistent. This journal was specifically designed to make it easier to journal on a daily basis. Each page is dated with a designated prompt that allows you to spend time to reflect on concepts such as self-awareness, love, habits, growth and so much more. This journal can be used any year and the dated prompts allow you to start at any month, so you don’t have to wait for a new year to begin the journal.

About our founder

Our founder and CEO, Nya Jones, is a Jamaican-American woman from West Palm Beach, Florida. She is a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University where she studied Public Health and Economics. As someone who has always struggled with opening up to others, she fell in love with journaling at a young age and used it as an outlet to release her thoughts and feelings onto paper. As time went on she wanted journaling to become more of a consistent practice and not something that was only used as a method to get through tough times. After graduating from university, she decided to create the journal that she wanted for herself. She soon realized this journal could be helpful to many other people as well, which inspired the brand Inside Then Out. Nya is still on her journey to becoming the best version of herself and hopes Inside Then Out can empower you to do the same.

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