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Before Being Your Mom

This mother's day we traveled around Miami, interviewing three different women at different stages of motherhood. Here are a few things each of these women will teach you about your own mom:

Meet Ruth Jimenez

  1. It's easy for her to feel guilty taking care of herself, yet so necessary. Take her out from time to time!

  2. Her frustration is often a reaction to what she is going through. You don't need to know, and may not understand, but be patient with her too.

  3. She's probably lost parts of herself in motherhood. It's important to remind her of who she was and is. 

Meet Zeinabou Munyaradzi

  1. Your mom deserves flowers for all the times she was learning to be a mother, while learning to go through life. Nobody told her how to do it!

  2. She gets over-stimulated too, and that's okay. Don't let her anger or her stress make her a "bad mom."

  3. She wants you to believe in yourself the way she was never able to. So being you might be the best gift you make her! No one is watching you the way you think they are.

Meet Adriana Rosas

  1. She still get tired, still cries, still feels, and still needs some alone time. It might seem like she's a superhero but take care of her!

  2. She's so proud of you when you ask her for help. Don't be afraid to. 

  3. Your mom won't know you love or appreciate her until you tell her. Have the important conversations with her.

This is your reminder that Before Being Your Mom, your mom might have been a totally different person. So let her feel seen and understood today. Happy Mother's Day!

All our love,


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