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Each of our products are designed with simple concepts, enabling you to effortlessly focus on nurturing your mental well-being and prioritizing yourself every day.

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"Journals from Inside Then Out encourage users to delve deeper into life's meaning and beauty"
"I appreciate that the questions are both thoughtful and unique, and have found this to be a great addition to my morning self-care routine."
"It's always nice to have a journal handy to keep your ideas and thoughts in an organized and safe space."
"At a time in life ripe for reflection, this is a daily guided journal is designed to help the recipient nurture the best version of themself."
"People always talk about the benefits of journaling but it can be hard to just jump into it. Often times people do not get the full experience because they have no guidance. The Inside then Out journal allows you to write what you think and feel while also providing an outline to reach those thoughts."

Your favorite journal is now digital.

We believe the best way forward is inward. With the Inside Then Out app, reflect on your life –past, present, and future. Capture your memories with pictures, videos, and audio recordings.


"Going to get personal here, but 2022 was a rough year. With a friend break up, an break up with a significant other, hard classes, and dealing with imposter syndrome, I really wanted 2023 to be my best year. I found this journal on tik tok ofc and I looked like a good way to self reflect every night and to work towards gratitude in 2023. The prompts in this journal really had me digging deeper into who I am. I really lost myself last year and little by little with this journal I’m finding myself again. Im not saying this journal will fix your entire life, but it’s allowing me to work towards my goals and I think it could heal others too!" - Sofia J

Still doing Wonders

Still doing Wonders

"This is my second review. I’ve owned this journal since it first released back in 2020. I was going through a very low and crucial part of my life. The prompts and mind boggling questions did something for me everyday I wrote in it. It helped me so much at the time. Now I’ve found myself going through another hardship in my life and first thing I do is pick up my journal. Getting back into the habit of completing full pages and pouring my feelings for the day onto this paper is assisting me again with my healing. I’m once again reminded how much this journal does for me on the inside. Thank you." - Armani

100% Recommend

100% Recommend

I bought this journal spring 2021 and it has been such a blessing. When they say it's therapy in a book, there are no lies. The best way to uncover truth and grow is by asking questions and confronting the thoughts that lie deep within, this journal does just that. It is broken up into categories, the months are focused. For me, there has been no pressure to finish it all in one year. I love it! And would recommend to anyone. Here's to doing "the work" - Amanda B

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