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ITO takes Los Angeles

On November 4th and 5th, Inside Then Out was in Los Angeles, California for a weekend of wellness and community. We got to meet so many of you, and had a great time doing so. Read below for our LA recap. 

Day 1: Awe Inspired Sanctuary 

On November 4, Awe Inspired hosted ITO at the Awe Sanctuary for a 30-minute yoga session. Twelve LA-based content creators and editors attended and enjoyed a restorative yoga flow and breath work event hosted by Steph Stock.

inside then out yoga class

“I believe that what we practice on the mat we take with us out into the world. Each practice is a reminder of our resilience, a testament of our fortitude and a practice of gratitude. It's my hope that each class allows you an opportunity to explore your limits, honor your boundaries and gather your lessons so you can move forward in the world with grace and gratitude.” - Steph Stock  

The gift bags 


inside then out gift bags

OLIPOP, Suja Organics, Matcha Mcentea and Alyssa Brieloff kindly sponsored the event. 

Gift bags included Notes to Self Journal, Dig Deeper Journal, a water bottle, angel socks from Alyssa Brielof, and facial serums from Matcha Mcentea  

A note from Nya: “I loved the opportunity to connect with our community in person and spend time centering myself. The yoga instructor was amazing and I definitely needed that breathwork and relaxation as a founder. I’m so excited to continue offering in-person experiences and connecting with people IRL.”

inside then out

Day 2: In ToDo BIPOC Market

start from where you are

On November 5, Inside Then Out collaborated with In Todo Fair to create a safe space for vulnerability. Guests attended our booth to engage with thought-provoking prompts from our popular journals: Better Every Day & Dig Deeper. This experience was designed to help individuals feel more connected to themselves by providing intentional prompts to start their day.

words of encouragment

In Todo is a curated craft fair bringing visibility to the craft of BIPOC creatives in our communities. Across the landscapes of art, apparel, beauty, food, and home, In Todo centers diversity in the space of creating, filling the gap in representation.

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