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8 Journal Prompts to Create a Better You

Your past can be a threat to your growth or a tool for it depending on your mindframe. When we engage with our past memories, it is possible to feel a range of emotions from gratitude to regret, but going back to your past is also an immense opportunity for you to develop a holistic understanding of what brought you to where you are now. That knowledge empowers you to create a better you, a better life, and a better future. 

By asking questions and being reflective, you are able to develop an awareness that deepens your knowledge of self and strengthens your approach towards personal development. The Better Every Day Journal dedicates the month of April to understanding your past. Each day for 30 days, you receive a new journal prompt that highlights your previous choices and experiences, and over time, this allows you to use your past as a platform to propel you towards a better you. The following prompts are designed to continue assisting you on that journey: 

1. Write about a moment when you realized you had a lot to learn about something. How did you go about educating yourself?
2. What is something you never want to forget?
3. What is a habit that you have had that you want to stop doing?
4. Who are some of the people in your life who have had the biggest impact on you, and why?
5. What is something you have learned recently that has changed your perspective on life?
6. What has been the most significant change in your life over the last year, and how does that make you feel?
7. Write a letter of gratitude to your younger self. What are the choices, behaviors, and experiences that you are thankful for?
8. When was the last time you challenged yourself? How did it go?


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