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Based on 302 reviews
Great purchase 10/10

The book and questions are high quality! Some hit the spot and dive deep into what you’re thinking or masking internally. I love it! You can also just go by the questions and not the dates for what you are feeling.

Daily Focus Notepad
Robert Stokka
Great purchase!

Helps keep me organized and set my day! Worth the purchase.

Better Every Day Journal
Michaela Franey
Buying These For Christmas Gifts 🎁

I’ve used guided journals before but this one is genius. I started right away was I was months behind, I completed a few, then more later and by the end of the day I found myself thinking more- and considering more options and avenues. Reflecting on my choices. The quality is GREAT. The design is so simple. And I love how you get only one page for each question. I’m really hoping they come out with a new one for next year 🙏🏻🙏🏻

10/10 Journal

The perfect journal. Love all the prompts available. Amazing quality and recommend to all of my friends!

100% Recommend

I bought this journal spring 2021 and it has been such a blessing. When they say it's therapy in a book, there are no lies. The best way to uncover truth and grow is by asking questions and confronting the thoughts that lie deep within, this journal does just that. It is broken up into categories, the months are focused. For me, there has been no pressure to finish it all in one year. I love it! And would recommend to anyone. Here's to doing "the work"

Going deep

This journal has been such a valuable gift. Each day features a question that digs a little deeper and encourages self-exploration. Some questions are easier to answer than others, and those more challenging prompts get beneath the surface.

Just what I was looking for

This journal is everything I was looking for! I want to journal more often but I have struggled with staying consistent and finding topics to write about. I saw an ad for this journal and it immediately sparked my interest with the daily writing prompts. I also got one for my husband and we share our entries with each other. It’s also just a beautiful minimalistic journal that I love carrying with me. 🖤

Love it!

To be honest, I got this because I wanted a pretty bedside table. Thought there was a chance the journal aspect would be ehhh. Oh was I wrong! I’ve never been great a journaling, but these prompts are great and allow me the space to check in with myself. So now I have a pretty bedside book and a fantastic journal all in one! If you are wanting either, I highly recommend!


I absolutely love this journal!!!! I came across your Instagram in 2021 and I was so intrigued. I really wanted to start developing healthier habits in 2022 and this journal was perfect. I love that everyday I’m hit with a question that challenges me. It’s definitely therapy in a book! Love this!! 10/10 recommend!!

Better Every Day Journal
Stephanie Angarita
Absolutely Perfect!

This journal is absolutely perfect for those who want to understand themselves on a deeper level, who want to learn how to grow, and who want to better themselves. The way the months are divided and the daily topics are brilliant! I definitely recommend this to everyone! I’ve already bought myself one, my sister, and my friend one. It’s never too late to get it, it’s a perfect gift! I love love love this journal!

Better Every Day Journal
Carolina guerrero

I don’t journal as much as I should or would like to but, I can across this page on tik tok (if you are like anything like me; easily influenced by products shown on that app) I thought why not! As soon as I got the email that it was back in stock, I immediately bought it! the prompts are interesting and really makes you think. I really do recommend anyone thinking about journaling…THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!

Better Every Day Journal
Silvia Rodriguez
Best Purchase of 2022

I got this journal at the start of 2022 so I could commit to journaling more, as I felt having a daily prompt would help me keep at it. It’s really worked and even better, sometimes I end up getting a blank journal to write more after because I have a breakthrough on a thought or just feel good writing. The prompts are simple but they sometimes unlock deeper thoughts and realizations. So far I’ve been consistently writing in it for a month and I’m so happy I purchased it. Definitely recommend it if you’re thinking of getting it, it’s worth it.


such a simple, pretty journal. loving all the prompts! they’re making my new journaling journey easy to dive into.

Writing prompts to get you going

I don't write often and i love all questions asked each day. The content breakdown is so well thought out. Purchase this ASAP! Great to keep next to your bed and a great way to keep writing each and every day.


I find this to be the CUTEST journal ever! It is perfect for someone who wants to journal but doesn’t always the motivation for it. Being given prompts make it so much more fun and way less stressful than just writing about anything haha! without even being aware of it this journal really gets you reflecting about yourself and why you do things in the best way!


I have tried therapy before and did not do well but I needed something! Flash forward to finding this journal and I LOVE it! I even got 3 of my other friends to buy it :)

Amazing Journal!

I absolutely am loving this journal so far! It’s really helping me with self-discovery! Highly recommend it for anyone who loves to journal things!

Life changing!

You NEED this water bottle in your life, especially if you’re one to forget to drink water or don’t consume enough. If you work a desk job, it’s super easy to keep track and continue drinking your water!

Water Tracking Bottle
lxxreen lxxreen

Everything i needed and more!!! Wish it had a handle tho hehe but i loveeeee

Best purchase of 2022

I really love this journal! I bought it right before the new year in hopes of getting back into journaling on a daily basis. The daily prompts keep me on task with that goal. The digital copy is really nice & easy to use with my iPad. The questions have me in deep thought and help me unpack after my long days. I love lighting a candle and answering the daily questions as a self care routine for myself. I’m on day 18 and have written a lot and really appreciate how these questions are formed! Love it!!!

Highly recommend

I got the every day journal as a gift from my spouse. He bought himself one too. We write in them each night and share when we are able to talk while he’s on deployment. It helps us stay close even though we are thousands of miles away! Such a great gift

10/10 MUST BUY!

This journal encourages me to be the best version of my self and is a must buy!

Therapy in a book!

This journal is so nice ! I love the word prompts in this journal. Especially with the fact each month is dedicated to a certain theme of word prompts to getting you dig deeper with yourself, or get you thinking in general. It’s almost therapy in a book pretty much. It’s great way to create self-awareness with urself.

I have the digital version, so I can go back and forth between journaling on my iPad and my laptop. I just only wish there was somehow a way to add blank page(s) to keep the formatting/aesthetic of the journal, instead inserting my own pages on GoodNotes.

my favorite journal!

i absolutely love this journal!! i enjoy journaling, but sometimes i’m not that consistent and i feel like this helps me stay on track. i love how it’s separated into different categories for each month and has a prompt for each day :)

Better Every Day Journal
Fernanda Mendoza
Accountability in a journal!

I just got this today and already started writing in it! I’m so excited to write everyday. I always say that I want to start journaling but never do. This journal will hold you accountable in your journaling and self awareness. It will help you to reflect and becoming more mindful in your life. I’m ready to find my true self and who I will become with this journal! Definitely worth the buy!


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