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Better Everyday Journal

This journal is very cute and super effective, definitely a good buy!

My soulmate book

This book is everything I’ve ever needed. I can’t believe I was able to purchase it and I am so incredibly in love! I do want to start fresh so im waiting until next year :)

favorite water bottle!!

After using for a week I can truly say that I have found my new favorite water bottle. Not only is it cute and functional but it’s the perfect size… not too big and not too small. It fits perfect in cup holders while still holding enough volume to keep you hydrated throughout the day. The time tracker keeps you motivated to keep drinking! I highly recommend!!

Water Tracking Bottle
Shaina Gabala
my new best friend

This water bottle literally follows me everywhere 🥰 It’s so convenient and nice to use. The times are a great reminder to myself to drink water continuously,, and not to mention this bottle is so prettyyy i want to take pictures of it everywhere I go

Better Every Day Journal
Cierra McEachern
I LOVE this journal!!

Prior to this journal, my attempts at journaling daily would last about 2-3 days. This journal is different! I look forward to the prompts each day. Some prompts the answers come right to me, others really make me pause, and to be honest some I just don’t have the answers to yet (those are actually my favorites).
It’s also aesthetically pleasing. I can pull it out anywhere or leave it by the bed and it looks like it belongs!
I’ve gifted it to a friend and hope to gift many more in the future!

Amazing journal!

This journal’s quality is so awesome. I am a few days into it. I started on today’s date even though it’s not the “beginning” so to speak. I like that it gives me a prompt and I can just unplug and write everything I think. The overall quality of the journal is surprisingly nice too!!

Better Every Day Journal
Annabelle Pelletier
You NEED it.

I absolutely love this journal. It gives me time to take a moment in my day and meditate on the question of the day and learn more about myself. Everyone should do this type of work on themself for themself. Its soooo worth it


Just received my journal today and I have never been more excited to start a new journey with journaling! Not only is the journal amazing but so is the customer service of this small business! My package got lost in the mail and they were so responsive and even reached out to usps to help me track it down. They also offered to send me a whole new journal, but luckily mine ended up coming in the mail.

Get this journal, you won’t regret it and support small businesses!!

My little Black Book!

It is a romantic endeavor to hold this here journal. I have a thousand words about this work of art but I’ll only use two: SUH-pport !

Love It.

This journal is such a nice place to release. To take a moment and ponder. To think and let it all out. The prompts are engaging and thought provoking and it makes me feel good to prioritize taking a moment out of my day to write and release.

This journal is a MUST HAVE

If you are seeking to better yourself in any way, YOU NEED THIS JOURNAL. If you just like journaling, you need this journal. If you have a friend who needs therapy (or if you are the friend...), YOU NEED THIS JOURNAL 🙂
This journal has helped me to understand why I’ve said and done a lot of things in my life. Some positive. Some negative. It has helped me to see myself in ways I never have before.
You truly need to get this journal, it’s a lot cheaper than therapy (believe me I know from experience).
Before you say it cost too much...some of you spend more than that on your nails (I’m not trying to offend anyone).
This journal will be the best investment you’ve ever made, because you are investing in yourself.
Let’s do this together

the journal that I didn't know I needed!

Being on my healing journey, I'm always looking for tools that help me to unpack different areas of my life and mind...
There are so many reasons why I LOVE this journal! The questions in this journal have allowed me to reflect on so many aspects of my life.
I've learned so much about myself in such a short time. This book has become a part of my self-exploration, it's allowing me to tap into areas of myself that I wasn't sure how to... If you don't know how to start your self healing journey, start w/ this book!

Best journal purchase!

This journal is amazing! It comes with SO many prompts that you can write in each day. Definitely recommend buying it, or giving it as a gift too.

Better Every Day Journal
daniella gonzalez
The perfect tool to enhance your self-love journey!

I was gifted this journal for Christmas and it’s by far the most meaningful gift i’ve recieved. This journal is filled with questions that are meant to hit deep, and that’s exactly what I love the most. The more you show up for yourself and give 5 minutes to journal, the more you get to know yourself on a level you didnt know was possible. The questions help you learn and uncover different things about yourself, which I think is a beautiful thing. I recommend this to everyone who want’s to get to know themselves on a deeper, soulful level!

Better Every Day Journal
Stefani Andrews
Love this journal!

2020 was a year of change and self discovery. So when I saw this journal on Instagram I was very interested. I love that each date has a different prompt. Some of them are things I’ve just never really thought about like “what’s your favorite word and why?” I love that these prompts make me think about things I’ve never really put much thought into. I 100% would recommend this to anyone looking to get to know themselves better.

No stress journaling!

I love this journal so much! I like how there is a different prompt each day, it keeps journaling interesting for me. I look forward to completing each entry because the prompts have a “no-pressure” tonality to them! Would recommend this journal to anyone who will listen!

Better Every Day Journal
Devin Nicole Luu
One Of The Best Self-Care Tools Out There!

Complete transparency - I had the pleasure of partnering with Nya and the Inside Then Out team to promote the Better Every Day Journal. I can honestly say that this is an amazing self-care tool and resource! The past few weeks I have been struggling with waves of anxiety and overwhelm and the Better Every Day journal has become essential to centering myself when life gets to be too much. The journal itself is gorgeous to look at and its contents are well thought out. A few key highlights for me included:

- the editor's note at the beginning from Nya, it feels as though she is speaking directly to you
- the organization of the themes that are covered in this journal
- being able to use this journal at any given time during the year
- being able to use fine to medium nib sized fountain pens on this paper

You would be hard-pressed to find a company and product with as much compassion, integrity, and intention as Nya has shared with us here. You can trust that this journal will be there when you feel the most alone and raise you to the highest vibes as it has done for me!

This journal really helped me create the habit to write something everyday! I like that we have full use of the page to write and the minimalist look of the cover!


I have waited to receive this journal and I’m so so happy with it! I love a good thought provoking question before bed or when I wake up. I plan to keep writing each year until I’m out of space, so it will be fun to see how i change over that time.

love it!

this water bottle is lovely! i use it every day and i adore the size and the look. it's functional, practical, and adorable. definitely helping me stay on top of my daily hydration. would absolutely recommend! <3

Better Every Day Journal
Elizabeth Lunsford

I’ve only had this book for a weekend but I am obsessed. It is beautifully made and very sturdy, that alone is worth the money. But the prompts are absolutely amazing. They make you think and genuinely help you learn more about yourself while also having a therapeutic effect. I’ve never had a journal quite like it.

Exactly what I needed!!

I found this journal on TickTok at the perfect time. Have been using this since the day I got it and plan on purchasing in the future! Would make an amazing Christmas present too!!

Deeply Needed This

When I saw this on TikTok I knew immediately that I needed one and was devastated to see they were sold out. So I quickly preordered one and went back to my typical journaling. The day it arrived I was so excited to open it up and use it. I didn’t even care that I was more than halfway thru the year and would need to buy another one soon😂 The prompts each day are so insightful and really make me think. Everyday I surprise myself with how quickly and easily I fill up the page with my thoughts. It’s a great release and I find it most helpful to decompress in the morning or reflect on my day at night. If you’re someone who likes journaling but maybe needs or wants a little structure this is for you. If you’re like me and know you want to improve and grow but don’t ever know where to start this journal is so helpful to organizing your thoughts, progression and journey to achieving that. Not to mention it’s so well put together with the sleekest black cover and cute daily prompt pages with a question that always makes me sit back and sigh lol. I love the different theme of reflection for each month and the explanation each month has for that theme. In so many words… GET ONE!

Never received

I’m disappointed. I ordered the preorder on July 7, 2021. Was told it would be shipped out early August, now I look on the website and it’s early September? I asked for a refund….hope I get that at the very least.


only lets you download 3 times if you mess up and download 3x on one device your screwed cause I haven't gotten a reply


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