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5 Reasons Why People Love These Daily Guided Journals

1. Become the best version of yourself

Improve your self-awareness with guided exercises that encourage deep reflection on your thoughts and experiences, leading to meaningful personal growth.

Experience reduced stress and anxiety through the therapeutic practice of daily journaling, promoting overall mental health.

2. Build positive habits that last a lifetime

The journal's structured prompts help you develop and maintain positive daily habits, fostering consistency and focus on self-improvement.

3. You’ve never seen a journal this meaningful before

The Reflection Bundle teaches you to be patient with yourself while you make these, well, switches.

It helps you shift your focus. It allows you to zoom out. It reminds you that you are bigger, deeper, and richer than your thoughts are at this moment.

4. Guided prompts make writing fun again, and not like another job

Stay on track with goal-setting features and daily to-do lists, providing a clear roadmap to achieve your objectives and maintain high productivity.

5. Over 700 customers have tried it and gave it 5 stars!

Join hundreds of people changing their lives one page at a time.

Enjoy the process with a journal that features motivational quotes, stunning illustrations, and high-quality materials, making your daily journaling a delightful experience.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 763 reviews
Nayeli Zambrano
Journal 🖤

I wanted to start journaling, but I just couldn’t find a journal with good prompts for my everyday journaling and while I was on TikTok I saw this beautiful journal and I loved how it looked so I bought it and I can say that this has been the best journal I’ve ever had ! I love the prompts, the material, and the details omg ! I love all the details they put even on the packaging, I’m just in love 10/10 🤍

Lindsay Steele

I absolutely love this book! It has helped me so much and I have only been using it for a couple days!!

Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk

I ordered it on a whim after doom scrolling on TikTok and when it arrived I was aghast at how well made it was and with so much attention to detail. Once I can afford it I’ll buy one for all my friends lol. The paper is luxurious, the bag and the box it comes in are also high quality. From what I skimmed there is a whole variety of prompts that are definitely not basic. In love!

Esmeralda Guzmán

I was very excited to but a few journals but when I was sent the 10% discount it wasn’t applying

Thank you for reaching out to Inside Then Out!

Please make sure you are subscribed to our email list before placing the order. Once that is confirmed please try using the code again and make sure there are no additional spaces in the box and in all caps. The discount code is a one time use code. If you previously used it with an order it will not work with future orders.

If the code continues to not work please email us at and we would be happy to assist you further!

Joshua bair
My thoughts

First off this company's mission alone makes this a good buy , you should work on yourself and reflect ... it should be the norm ...

Secondly, I have gotten this book twice .. one for me and one for my girlfriend at the time . Amazing quality and packaging .. the questions they ask really get you wanting to just keep going ..

Lastly , I recently got a book for myself and it had a manufacturing defect on it .. nothing to bad but It makes it not perfect so I gets to me ..... I like my journal to represent the person I want to be ... well a perfect version of myself . Here is some pics

Hi Joshua! We are so sorry to see the damage to your journal! We have sent an email to you regarding the damaged item!