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Vulnerability is an Armor

It’s Self-Awareness January, and on the 19th, the Better Every Day journal asked, “Are you seeking security or adventure?”

Here was my answer:

In the back of my mind, I know that it’s time for adventure, but the idea of security keeps on pushing itself to the forefront. It’s normal to want stability– there are basic needs that we all should have in order to live a comfortable life, but how stable do I have to be before I begin to actualize my dreams?


The best version of myself doesn’t come from being steeped in the comfort that stability provides, and committing to adventure is choosing to do something destabilizing. That’s scary, but it’s also what will help me become the person I aspire to be.


When my mind wanders beyond the bounds of what I am used to, I have to be bold enough to follow it. Lately, I have found myself in front of a mirror, gazing into potential, and shutting my eyes when I see a glimmer of possibility. “I’m not ready yet,” I tell myself, but readiness is an illusion. It’s indecision, and clinging to the idea of readiness is just chaining myself to the safety of who I already am.


I want security, but maybe emotional security is all I truly need. Maybe that is all the armor necessary for me to delve into the life I have only ever dreamed of…

Insiders, it may seem counterintuitive, but being vulnerable can actually protect you. When you dig deeper into who you are and what you believe, you can proactively combat the parts of yourself that are a danger to your dreams and your development. Creating a journaling practice helps you build emotional security – making it easier to navigate discomfort, uncertainty, and, ultimately, adventure. So, dare to venture into yourself, and then venture into the world equipped with everything that you need to succeed: your mindset.

If you are looking to ask yourselves more meaningful questions like these, check out the Better Every Day Journal or Dig Deeper Journal.

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