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An Inside Look at ITO's 3rd Anniversary Party

On Sunday, August 27th, Inside Then Out celebrated its 3rd anniversary. The vibe of the party was chic, elegant, and all about community. Guests were welcomed into The LAB Studio in Dania Beach, FL. Both champagne and sparkling cider flowed freely to guests while DJ Deion spun out both old and new R&B tracks. The energy of the space was buzzing, and beauty filled the room. Nearly one hundred guests attended, including local influencers, creatives, and other supporters of our brand. Guests got a chance to know founder and CEO Nya Jones a bit more as well, “She’s amazing” one attendee said “She remains so down to earth while she has built a community that supports awareness about mental health”.

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At only 25 years old, Nya has amassed a brand for herself that is quickly growing.

                     Nya Jones, Founder and CEO of Inside Then Out, at the third year anniversary party event

After thanking attendees, Nya addressed the crowd, “When I started this brand three years ago it was a time I felt far from myself… looking at all your faces I’m getting emotional.” It was evident that the work behind Inside Then Out is not out of trends or what sells, but true heart and belief in the impact the brand wishes to make. Nya was unafraid to show her vulnerability to a large crowd, she very much embodies what her brand stands for.

         a wall filled with polaroid photos at Inside Then Out anniversary party event

To promote self-love, Polaroids were taken of guests at the anniversary party and posted next to a mirror displaying the message “Write the words you need to hear right now”. Guests wrote their own meaningful words on sticky tabs. Seeing the wall fill up during the day was heart-warming, quickly the space became filled with positive messages of love, encouragement, and affirmations. It went to show that while the photos on the wall displayed how undeniably beautiful attendees looked on the outside, what was inside their hearts was even more so. To feel good about oneself is something to be celebrated. In a world that seems to deter unabashed love, there was a distinct air of self and communal love at the event.

                       mirror with "write the words you need to hear" on at Inside Then Out anniversary party

(P.S. If you want to recreate the affirmation mirror, you can find the sticky notes used here)

The event also marked the launch of the new zodiac journals.

                      Inside Then Out zodiac journals lined up against white stairs

 A line of 12 journals with personalized writing prompts for each star sign. In the spirit of the new launch, free astrological readings were given by the gifted Ana Maria Pineda. Guests lined up quickly, interested in the insights the intuitive astrologer may give them.

One of the major highlights of the event was Inside Then Out branded gift bags including the ITO planner, Dig Deeper Journal, and zodiac journal. After receiving their journals, guests were able to have them personally engraved by Valentina Rodriguez of A Handful of Letters.

                      Inside Then Out cream-colored gift bags with black font that say Inside Then Out

The ITO team made sure to collaborate with other women-owned businesses for their anniversary party. The Lab, ACE - the creative agency, Ana Maria Pineda, and A Handful of Letters are all owned and operated by local women. 


The event marked many significant milestones and celebrations as it was not only the brand’s third-year anniversary, but also provided an opportunity for ITO’s staff to meet in person for the first time.

        Inside Then Out staff, six women

As social media manager Delaney Black put it, “I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to attend the event and interact with my colleagues in person. Engaging with such a driven and accomplished group was truly enriching. The venue's aesthetic appeal and our arrangement efforts did not go unnoticed. Nya's speech stood out as a highlight, reflecting her immense dedication to the event's success. Being a part of Inside Then Out and witnessing its evolution is genuinely a privilege.”

“Seeing the event come together so beautifully was honestly amazing; from ideating to actualizing, it went better than any of us could’ve expected. I was amazed at how nice and friendly everyone was, and it was super touching to see all the people who came to support Nya. It went to show how important community is, especially in the mental wellness space!” says Shaina Gabala, ITO’s creative director. 

Ayanna Wiltshire, who has been with Inside Then Out since the beginning, also chimed in about the warmth and community at the event. “It was amazing across the board. Everyone was so nice and wanted to support ITO. It was a great place for people to connect and meet for future collaborations. The venue itself was beautiful and fit our theme perfectly

Britany Turner, who works as influencer and partnerships manager summed up the event beautifully: “Our 3rd Anniversary Event was truly an unforgettable experience that surpassed all of my expectations! The stunning venue was the perfect embodiment of our brand's essence, attracting a diverse group of beautiful souls who were equally matched in their appreciation for the brand. Although there were many highlights of the event, my favorite part was finally getting to meet the ITO team in person and interacting with our guests. The conversations were nothing short of amazing, and it was evident from the enthusiasm and support shown that our brand's growth over the years has not gone unnoticed. It was truly heartwarming to see such genuine excitement for our brand's future, and this has only fueled our motivation to continue to exceed expectations. The sky's the limit for ITO, and we can't wait to see where the next three years will take us!”

The 3rd-anniversary party marked not only the brand’s success but its spread to others. Nya Jones says: “We are so grateful to everyone who made this event possible, and to the wonderful people who have tried our journals. Here’s to another year of self-love, self-discovery, and endless possibilities.”

Stay tuned for the next blog post where you’ll become better acquainted with the women of Inside Then Out.

Inside Then Out would like to thank all the people who made this event possible:


The LAB Studio


Bryan Photo

Jordan J Patterson


DJ Deion

Food and Drink 

Charlene Wiltshire


Ana Maria Pineda

A Handful of Letters

Event Support

ACE - the creative agency

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