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How to Develop a Growth Mindset

On April 24th, the Better Every Day and Dig Deeper Journals will finally be back in stock, and this means that you have more tools at your disposal to become better from the inside out!  Guided journals can help you become more self-aware and aid in your personal growth, but alongside these physical tools, it is also essential to have a mental framework that keeps you on your journey of self-development.

Developing a growth mindset is key to actualizing a better version of yourself. By having this perspective on life, you are able to navigate your day-to-day with more confidence, more positivity, and less stress. Below you will find 5 tips that will help you develop the growth mindset that will keep you committed to getting better every day:


1. Embrace Challenges

One of the hallmarks of a growth mindset is the willingness to take on challenges. Rather than avoiding difficult tasks, people with a growth mindset embrace them as opportunities to learn and grow. At the otherside of any challenge is a version of you with new skills and abilities that will benefit you in the future, so look at challenges as a necessary pathway to a better you. 

2. Learn from Mistakes

Another key aspect of a growth mindset is the ability to learn from mistakes. Failure is not a sign of personal inadequacy — it is an opportunity to discover new possibilities and explore the ideas that exist beyond your first attempt.  Mistakes are a natural part of learning, and having a growth mindset can help you get rid of some of the anxiety that comes with trial and error.  

3. Cultivate a Love of Learning

People with a growth mindset are lifelong learners. They view learning as a way to continually improve and achieve their goals, and rather than being intimidated by what they don’t know, they are excited to explore new terrains. Having a growth mindset means that you seek out new experiences, step out of their comfort zone often, and are open to feedback and criticism.

4. Focus on Effort

Another characteristic of a growth mindset is a focus on effort rather than innate ability. People with a growth mindset believe that success is the result of hard work and dedication rather than natural talent alone, and this keeps one constantly improving.

5. Surround Yourself with Positive Influences

Finally, people with a growth mindset surround themselves with positive influences - people who encourage and support their efforts to learn and grow. Seek out mentors, coaches, and friends who share your commitment to personal development. The Insiders Community Facebook Group is a perfect place for this!


Developing a growth mindset is essential for your personal development. By embracing challenges, learning from mistakes, cultivating a love of learning, focusing on effort, and surrounding yourself with positive influences, you can develop the mindset necessary to achieve your goals and become a better you.

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