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Dear Aries...

Dear Aries, you’re a boss, embrace it.

There’s a reason it starts to warm up when you come around, Aries.

From the 21st of March until the 19th of April the sun will be in the fire sign Aries. Aries rings in the new year of the zodiac. They are first in line, fearless, and playful. Aries tend to run a bit hot, but their warmth is what makes them so likable. Like all signs, Aries can get a bad rep for their more dominant traits, but those traits can be positive when we take the time to understand them. Aries is the friend who will stand up for you, will encourage you to be bold, and is always down to have some fun. 

Your Aries friend isn’t made of steel either, Aries can be sensitive too. Being the one to start the zodiac year is no easy feat and many people take their bold ways at face value, not knowing there is a lot of depth and sensitivity behind Aries. 

Read on to learn where Aries shines, where there are lessons to be learned from Aries, and how to support your Aries friend. 

Where you shine, Aries

Your determination 

Keep your eye on the bullseye, Aries. Use that unbridled energy to accomplish those goals, and nurture those passions of yours.

Your infectious energy

Just like your sister sign Libra, you have a way with people, Aries. Use that magnetic energy to rally up your friends for a social outing or game night. You have the power to get people off their seats. 

You are magnetic, fun, and admirable. 

You light up the room with your bright energy. Other words we’d use to describe you:

  • Confident
  • Self-aware
  • Kind 
  • Fearless 
  • Positive energy
  • Honest 

Where there are still lessons to be learned

What most people don’t realize about you, Aries, is that being first in line can be scary. So with all the joy and new energy you bring, know that it's okay to have doubts or feel unsure sometimes. 

Be gentle with yourself

We’re all on a journey of learning and growth. Know that your charisma and strength are beautiful traits, and those moments when you aren’t feeling 100% aren’t a sign of weakness by any stretch. 

Harness your willpower

Learn to use your fire for the marathons in life, not just the sprints. Sometimes Aries can lose their wind, how can you sustain your energy this season?

Give feedback with thought, Aries

You’re known to say it like it is. Honesty is a beautiful trait, but do you ever come off as harsh? A question to consider from our Aries journal:

Does your honesty ever come off as hostility?

Where you’re misunderstood:

Sometimes Aries gets a bad rep. People can sometimes think you’re short-tempered, difficult, flakey, or mean. We’re here to defend those stereotypes and clarify a few things on your behalf.

“Aries are rude”

Aries aren’t rude per se. They are known to say what they think and are quick to form an opinion, but it usually doesn’t come from a bad place or with ill intent. They honor their internal cues and dish out thoughts without fear. They are ruled by Mars, after all. 

“Aries lack intuition, they are hot-heads”

Aries’ intuition is certainly different than a Pisces or Cancer, but their intuitions are strong. Instead of reflecting or spending lots of time pondering their feelings, Aries goes for their gut instinct, which usually comes in fast. 

“Aries never get down or depressed” 

Again, not true. Aries experiences a full range of emotions, just like everybody else. In fact, Aries may be less likely to express how they are feeling for fear of coming off as weak. Let this serve as a reminder to check in on your strong friend. 

How to support the Aries in your life

We’ve learned that Aries are headstrong, complex creatures. Here are some ways we can show them some love:

Get them outside the house. Aries love change, and a change of environment does them well. If you notice your Aries have been keeping to themselves lately, offer to go on a walk or to run errands with them. 

Let them talk. Aries tend to have a lot running through their minds, and providing a listening ear is a beautiful way to support them. 

Surprise them. Tap into the love language of gift-giving. Since Aries love new things and a change in energy, consider surprising an Aries you know with something new. Tickets to a show, paying for a Pilates class, or a gift for their home are all sweet ideas. 

What we can all learn from Aries <3

Just because you aren’t an Aries, doesn’t mean you can’t get inspired by their fire. Aries season can be a great time to try something new, be a bit bold, and speak your truth. Here’s some advice we all can take in this season:

  • Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, or ignite a little inner (or outer) fire. Especially on matters that fuel you.
  • Tune in to what fuels you. What sets you off and keeps you going?
  • Don’t allow people to bulldoze you, if you tend to be on the quieter side, channel this season’s energy by speaking up for yourself. Remember that standing up for yourself doesn’t mean you are rude or difficult. 
  • Try something new. Even something as small as switching up your usual coffee order can create a fun shift in your day.

Gentle reminders for you this season, Aries:

  • I hope you learn to admire how beautifully you grow outside of your comfort zone
  • Thank you for being brave enough to do the things we wouldn’t dare to 
  • Trust that you will find the people who give you the attention you deserve 
  • Please keep writing your own rules, you decide what is and isn’t allowed in your life 
  • Allow yourself to rest in your worth, you don’t need to prove yourself to anyone 
  • You don’t have to be strong for everybody else, you deserve a shoulder to rely on too
  • You need to be more gentle with yourself, it’s okay to stumble and get back up
  • Don’t let anyone dim your light, happy birthday <3

Happy birthday, Aries

All our love,


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