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Overcoming Limiting Beliefs with Sabrina Sablosky

This week we had the pleasure of speaking with Sabrina Sablosky, influencer, health coach, and wellness aficionado. Sabrina shared her journey to becoming an influencer, how she works with her ADHD, and the lessons she’s learned in her healing journey. 

Tune in as she drops major mindset gems on upgrading your energy, working through limiting beliefs, and setting intentions for greatness.

Tell us about how you got to where you are now, from being a college student in NY to working with brands and coaching.

During college, I always worked. I worked in product development in the MAC division of Estee Lauder. I’ve always loved beauty and cosmetics. But I also have always loved health and fitness - so I created a  fitness Instagram page, where I would post my workouts, nutrition tips, recipes, and more... I was growing a following, but it was never in the plans to become an influencer. I had a job opportunity with MAC lined up post-graduation, but because of the pandemic, it kept being pushed back.

The pandemic pushed me to take a step back and reflect. I have pretty severe ADHD, and with ADHD it’s really important to have an outlet. I remember committing to myself to just post once a day on TikTok for three months, next thing I knew it took off.

Did you feel like you had to let go and trust the process during that time?

I did, once I surrendered and focused my energy towards [social media] it all came into alignment for me. That period [during the pandemic] gave me a base for this career. I wanted to start a podcast, so I started Sync’d Up and also got certified in holistic health coaching. But the biggest lesson of all was putting my energy towards what I was passionate about, surrendering to the universe, and building that trust muscle.

Your bio for @sync.up is “Your energy is your greatest asset” I love this because this is a very accessible approach to leveling up. You don’t need to buy anything, you just have to be yourself. In the vein of accessibility, what things would you start today if you had to reinvest in your energy?

I feel like people aren’t going to like this - but meditation. Meditation has been  huge for me. The days I don’t have a great meditation or I’m drifting off versus the days I’m super tapped in have a huge difference. My interactions with all the people I encounter that day are so much better when I get a good meditation in. 

The second thing I would say is journaling. I recently had a moment where I felt like I was spiraling. I’m working on not outsourcing to other people’s opinions, so I decided to journal. When we journal we can truly slow down our thought processes and begin to think more rationally, and that grounded me so much. Literally five minutes after I journaled it ended up working out, and I swear it's because I shifted my energy which then reflected in my outward reality. 

What are 3 things you can’t start your day without?

Meditation, journaling, coffee. I will meditate and journal at the same time (unless I have a flight, then just a meditation).

In my morning routine, after journaling and meditation, I always drink water and have something with a bit of protein before my coffee. It’s a lot better for your hormonal health. Then I get ready and head out for the gym.

Tell us a little bit about your journaling routine. Are there any prompts you love?

I always do the daily design by Gabby Bernstein. It’s four questions:

Who do I want to be today?

How do I want to feel today?

What do I want to give today?

What do I want to receive today?

I alternate between answering those four and gratitude journaling. When I gratitude journal I write down all my blessings and what I’m appreciative of. I also always do my affirmations.

What parts of your routine do you struggle with? How do you overcome those?

I have a big tendency to procrastinate, I think it's tied to ADHD - when I get focused I can be very easily distracted so moving from task to task is something I have to actively work on. Time management is an active task for me. Something that helps me is time blocking. I will give myself an allotted amount of time per each task. This makes it so much easier to measure my productivity and not get too overwhelmed.

Do you have a routine or method for manifesting? 

I don’t have a “routine” in the sense that I have a regime or am writing down something five times and sleeping with it under my pillow. We manifest from our subconscious beliefs, I believe we’re always manifesting. What I do is look at my limiting beliefs and work through those, and I get super intentional about how I want to feel and I practice it.


One majorly notable thing is that your content exudes lots of energy, are there any energy-boosting tips you’d like to share?  Any tips for feeling happier?

Yes! Before bed, until I fall asleep I repeat “I will wake up creative and inspired”. I also set intentions, before hanging out with friends or on a date I set the intention “I’m just going to have fun” Setting the intention to bring fun and light feeds my energy. 

I do think the high energy is partially ADHD -  I definitely have times when I’m not energetic or super happy. Like most people, I also have bad days and moments where I don’t know what I’m doing.

Tell us about when you overcame a limiting belief, what was in your toolkit to fight against it?

For a really long time, I don’t even think I was fully conscious of it, but I didn’t believe I was worthy of a healthy romantic relationship. I was insecure and did not accept my worth. Therapy helped me acknowledge my patterns and be real with myself. It took years - but now I’m in a healthy relationship and I feel like that’s a culmination of everything I’ve learned along the way. Each time I’ve been broken up with, each time I’ve let a guy go and didn’t want to, all were a part of my learning experience.

How do you personally cultivate self-trust? 

I always say that self-trust leads to self-esteem. When you trust yourself you respect yourself. Consistently showing up for yourself, for me, it’s the gym. I have a goal of being featured in Sports Illustrated, so when they call - I wanna be ready! I would say find something you can consistently show up for yourself. I also have a practice where I’m radically honest. 

Another major part of self-trust for me was trusting my inner voice.  I used to be the person who would ask my three best friends, my mom, or my cousin what I should post, say, etc. But I started relying on my intuition for those answers. That way even if I didn’t get the exact outcome I would have liked, I learned the lesson on my own.

Are there any ways you like to reach your goals while being gentle with yourself?

Giving yourself grace, I would say to know your limits and watch the self-talk. You will never catch me saying something mean to myself. I always think “If my best friend was saying this to me [about herself] what would I tell her?

Are there any book, podcast, or music recommendations for those on an energetic upgrade journey? 

I gotta plug SYNC'D UP, I also love The Expanded Podcast, On Purpose by Jay Shetty, and The School of Greatness Podcast. For books, my go-to is Super Attractor by Gabby Bernstein.

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