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A Place to be Soft

When you look at yourself, what do you feel for the woman in the mirror? Do you feel soft towards her? How do you spend time with her? How do you show her that you love her?

Whether it’s lighting a candle, or taking the time to reflect after a busy day, we want to encourage you, this month and all months, to take those moments to slow down and show yourself an inkling of kindness and love. 

This March, ITO wanted to celebrate International Women’s Day by inviting 11 women to pour into themselves and their sisterhood at Nobu Atlanta. Guests checked into their hotel rooms greeted by ITO goodies like our latest candles, and notebooks, along with some other gifts from our sponsors. Dinner was an intimate gathering at Nobu, where the women received two flowers each - one for themselves and one to give to another woman in the room.

dinner table

The staycation continued the next day as guests headed to a pilates session led by Lexi and spa session at Exhale Spa followed by breakfast. 

group image


“I loved every bit of our staycation weekend in Atlanta at Nobu. One of the things we were looking forward to was meeting all of the women and creating an intimate, safe space for them to share and get to know each other. It all exceeded our expectations. There was so much warmness and genuineness in the air. All of the women truly embodied who we are at Inside Then Out through their vulnerability and openness to share their truth and journey with each other.

I left with a full heart. This is truly one of my favorite parts of the work we do, and I’m glad we were able to curate this experience for International Women’s Day.”  Britney, Partnerships Manager

A note from Nya:

I loved every part of hosting all these incredible women.  There was endless laughter, reflection, and genuine support. It made me feel proud of the brand and community I have built. All the girls were so kind and had their own unique personalities. It was amazing to see the combination of newer creators and ones who have been around longer, and how much appreciation they had for each other. One creator, Isabella, even mentioned that she was journaling about wanting to be invited to more influencer events, and this is her second one. 

It’s extremely important to connect with people in real life. These days it can become so easy to spend so much time alone or talking to people through a screen, that any moment to really connect and meet with people in person is a great opportunity. I love intimate events because it feels like everyone really has the opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level and be a bit vulnerable with each other. 

I left the event feeling grateful for the community that Inside Then Out allows me to foster. Hosting these events is definitely one of the highlights of my work. 

See more BTS from our attendees <3

Maya Galore

Isabella Greenlee

Briana Monique 

Octavia B

Jaz Turner

Just Jhordan

Tinara Westbrook  

A thank you to our sponsors:

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Nurture your own spot to be soft, we’ll be hosting a series of mindful meditation and breathwork, “A Place to be Soft” will take place every Wednesday at 6pm EST until April 3rd through the TrueVoice App. 

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