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5 Reasons You’ll Love The Dig Deeper Journal

Based on 1246 reviews
Presence candle

It smells amazing I use it whenever I write in my dig deeper jounral can't wait to buy the focus candle :)

Dig Deeper Journal
Alexis Cisse
My new favorite!

My new favorite journal! I love journaling but sometimes I just want to put my mind on autopilot and have really insightful prompts to respond to. This journal is perfect for that, amazing quality, im truly so in love!!

Better Every Day Journal
Nayeli Zambrano
Journal 🖤

I wanted to start journaling, but I just couldn’t find a journal with good prompts for my everyday journaling and while I was on TikTok I saw this beautiful journal and I loved how it looked so I bought it and I can say that this has been the best journal I’ve ever had ! I love the prompts, the material, and the details omg ! I love all the details they put even on the packaging, I’m just in love 10/10 🤍

Life saver for those who forget to drink water!

I tried a whole year ago to start drinking more water, but even when I did, I was only drinking 16 oz. And if I misplaced my water bottle, there would be others around the house and I wouldn't know which one was mine or remember how much water I drank! But now, I'm drinking 64 oz a day (went from drinking next to nothing to 64 oz THE DAY this came in the mail) and my health thanks me.
I was also afraid it was a glass bottle (because I'm clumsy and would break it immediately) but it is a plastic bottle that is designed to look like sea glass, so not only do you not have to worry about breaking it, it looks super classy and pretty! I remember creating a vision board for the new year and using a picture of a timed water bottle to represent my goal for water intake, only to find out a week later that the water bottle is the one I have now! Manifested that real nicely.
It's only asking you to drink 5-6 oz of water an hour, and spreading it out like that has been a life saver. I've already lost weight, not from dieting or cutting out soda, but just from drinking the proper amount of water.
Thank you thank you thank you.

Daily Focus Planner
Danita Shari

Very sleek, easy to use and is something that is now stapled into my every day usage.

Daily Focus Planner
Kennady Bonnallie
Good journal but typo

There is a type on the weekly review page - it should say “What tasks WERE not completed.” It currently says “What tasks where not completed.” I was hoping that this was fixed by the time I ordered the journal, however it still shows the typo in the copy I received.


I absolutely love this book! It has helped me so much and I have only been using it for a couple days!!

Daily Focus Planner
Faithe Mullins
Great investment

This planner is very clean and organized in a way that flows! I love the monthly and weekly overviews and also the weekly reviews. Also love that it is not dated so can be started from the beginning at any point in the year. Just wish it was 12 months not just 6.

Better Every Day Journal
Aleksandra Kolodziejczyk

I ordered it on a whim after doom scrolling on TikTok and when it arrived I was aghast at how well made it was and with so much attention to detail. Once I can afford it I’ll buy one for all my friends lol. The paper is luxurious, the bag and the box it comes in are also high quality. From what I skimmed there is a whole variety of prompts that are definitely not basic. In love!

Dig Deeper Journal
Jonathan Stevens
A great place to start!

I've never journaled before, journaling was always scary to me. I finally decided to start journaling recently but had trouble knowing what to journal about. This Dig Deeper journal is not only filled with great prompts, but it has also helped me learn how to journal! It has been a huge stepping stone in my self-reflection and growth.

It’s beautiful

What an amazing journal. I received my journal within a week of ordering which always makes me happy. The journal itself is great quality and there is a small card with journal prompts inside. Everything about this company says “order me again” which I plan to do.

Love this Brand

I first purchased from ITO for my husbands birthday. Was looking for a journal that tailored to black men and mental health. ITO popped up in my search. I am a sucker for presentation and when it arrived in the mail I was blown away. The quality is just gorgeous, you can tell every detail was tailored with love and care and it's so beautiful to look at. When ITO announced they were coming out with zodiac themed journals I was counting down until they dropped. I'm a very big astrology person so Bought six of them for my closest girlfriends as early Christmas presents. As a writer I think it's so important to write down your thoughts and I have now found a brand I would recommend to anyone.

So good!

This journal was recommended by my boyfriend and I don’t regret getting it. I’m only a few pages in and am loving it so very much.

Dig Deeper Journal
Bryana Jade
Absolutely loving this journal

I’ve been an avid “journaler” now for about 5 years! However, I was starting to get bored with it and felt stuck…that was until I purchased “Dig Deeper”!!

Super thought provoking questions and gives me insight into what I truly want. I love that it’s divided into sections. Each morning I pick a random prompt or two and I start my morning feeling like I know myself a bit better and feel really hopeful for the day, year, and life ahead of me.

Better Every Day Journal
Esmeralda Guzmán

I was very excited to but a few journals but when I was sent the 10% discount it wasn’t applying

Thank you for reaching out to Inside Then Out!

Please make sure you are subscribed to our email list before placing the order. Once that is confirmed please try using the code again and make sure there are no additional spaces in the box and in all caps. The discount code is a one time use code. If you previously used it with an order it will not work with future orders.

If the code continues to not work please email us at and we would be happy to assist you further!

My thoughts

First off this company's mission alone makes this a good buy , you should work on yourself and reflect ... it should be the norm ...

Secondly, I have gotten this book twice .. one for me and one for my girlfriend at the time . Amazing quality and packaging .. the questions they ask really get you wanting to just keep going ..

Lastly , I recently got a book for myself and it had a manufacturing defect on it .. nothing to bad but It makes it not perfect so I gets to me ..... I like my journal to represent the person I want to be ... well a perfect version of myself . Here is some pics

Hi Joshua! We are so sorry to see the damage to your journal! We have sent an email to you regarding the damaged item!

Dig Deeper Journal
Kuini Taito-Tusa
A Blessing

I really do enjoy this journal. It sets a peaceful mood for me.

Really Love This!

I have NEVER been big on journaling. It always seemed like such a task that I did not enjoy doing. I’ve been trying to work on managing my stress a lot more lately and thought it may be beneficial to try again. This journal popped up on my IG feed and I found it appealing because it had daily prompts to write about. I don’t have to sit and think about something to write, the idea or question is already there. The journal itself is beautiful, an amazing quality. Feels good to write in. I’ve really been enjoying ending each day by writing in it. I plan to purchase the other journal too. I’m really glad I decided to give this journal a try!

My first journal is Better Every Day and completely in love w/ it! Dig Deeper is exactly what the title says goes more in depth on what emotions you are going through. Asks you questions on your goals and purpose on life other than your healing journey. 100% recommend ❤️‍🩹

Love this!

As a therapist, this is the nest journal i have seen!! I use it and have recommended it to all my clients!!

Better Every Day Journal
Hannah Valenzuela
So impressed!

I purchased this as a gift and before even getting into the actual journal, I was so impressed with the packaging! It’s perfect for a present. The prompts are wide ranging and thought provoking, almost as if having a close friend who wants to know everything about you. Very happy with the purchase.

Dig Deeper Journal
Juan Rosales
discount code invalid

gave my email to receive a 10% discount code. when i entered the code, website said the code wasn’t available right now.

Hi Juan! We have emailed you with an update regarding this discount code!

Dig Deeper Journal
Jennifer Bartell

Recently lost my mom & started counseling.I asked my counselor for a recommendation cause I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the stores or online. My counselor sent me two this one and another one. The moment I looked into the Dig Deeper I new it was for me. I have been journaling now for a couple weeks now and I highly recommend this guided journal..

Don’t buy the digital.

It is not interactive. It is not fillable. It is not an app. It is literally a pdf file. What a waste of money.

Hi Christine! We apologize for any inconvenience! We have sent an email with some PDF mark up apps for your phone that work best with the digital version of our journals. For using the digital journal on your laptop, all you will need is a PDF reader that enables you to add text.
Please do not hesitate to email us if you need any further assistance!

(Digital copy) Love everything about it!

I purchased the digital copy for my Kindle Scribe and downloading it from my iPhone to the Kindle was a breeze! I love that it can go anywhere with me like if I’m traveling. I love all the questions so far, they really make you think and open up and I love that I can skip around to topics that I might want to focus on at different times instead of it being based on dates throughout the year. I’ll definitely be purchasing more, I got this one because the year had already started so this one was a great start for me!